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Friday, July 14, 2006

Having the Kids Away at Camp

After a week at camp, today is the day that both girls come home to the nest. Is it normal to feel happy and sad at the same time?

It has been an incredible week – John and I spent half of our time in his apartment up north smelling the pine trees and slowly moving from room to room sipping coffee to slowly greet each day. We would then go to the library to check e-mail and after that we drove around and investigated canoeing sites.

It is beautiful up there, and canoeing is everywhere. We had planned to bring our canoe along, atop my new-to-me car and paddle around for the afternoon, but we couldn’t get it rigged atop my car without this dreadful buzzing sound of the straps vibrating against the car every time we hit 50 mph. We had to go home and dump the canoe. This left us sitting along the banks of the Sylvania Wilderness watching two large groups pack and pull out while we sniffled into our hankies and waved them off.

The second day up there we bought cross bars for my car so that this will never happen again.

After coming “home home” as we call our primary house now, we continued with the slow greeting to each day. It has been a beautiful week. Which leads me to thinking: what would be the best things about having the kids gone?

Top Ten Reasons You Should Send Your Children to Camp the Same Week

10. Waking up to birds chirping at any time of the morning instead of waking up at 6:30am to the sounds of your daughters’ fighting over where the clean socks are.

9. Being able to blast the radio on a station that I like without hearing, “Can I change the radio station? Why are we listening to THIS?” every five minutes.

8. Having a complete, uninterrupted thought.

7. The phone doesn’t ring. Ever!

6. We had thought that our TV only tuned to the Disney and Nickelodeon channels, but alas, we do have OTHER channels. And we watched them!

5. I can go to the bathroom without having to beg my 13 year-old to stop putting on make-up or hair straightening first.

4. No one has asked to have a friend sleep over; not even the cats. There has been no whining about this, in fact the only whine we have had went well with some cheese as we drank to our happy week!

3. I started a soda, and it will still be there later in the day when I want more. We haven’t had to plan secret invasion times to get food or drink before the kids inhale it.

2. At the grocery store, we could poke around and learn about new foods (morel mushrooms really stink!). At the check-out, the contents of our cart made us look like health food freaks – no Frosted Flakes, no pop-tarts, no Gogurt. We had REAL food!

1. To satisfy your dirty minds – YES! We have DONE IT in every room in the house – clean that is! And the house has STAYED clean!

We have missed our little cherubs immensely, but do you think that the camps would keep them for one more week? Neither did I.


  • At 7:58 AM , Blogger Diana said...

    It is absolutely wonderful to be kid-free. Our kids are away at college, and yes we miss them. But, oh, is it great to be alone!!!


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