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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Back to Normal

Welcome back?

Is this what I’m supposed to say after such a long break?

Life finally seems to be settling into a summer groove here, now that we are all living under the same roof and summer school is over. John and I both taught summer school at our local district, and the last Friday was our last day. Can you say, “Let’s camp?”
That’s pretty much what we were saying, but John is on jury duty this month so he has to wait for the “all clear”. We worked outside to make the house look like someone cares about it again, and promptly went to camp near his winter home of Minocqua, WI. John wanted to attend the 4th of July parade, a pow-wow and the fireworks in the town where he teaches, Lac du Flambeau, WI. We ate so much fry bread and Indian tacos that I’m still a bit groggy from it all.

With the second camping trip under our belt (we went to Hudson, WI for our daughter’s soccer tournament a couple of weeks ago), we are busy planning our first canoe camping trip of the year. See what I mean by things are getting back to normal around here? John and I have had to learn again how to move around the house and do things together after spending the entire school year as single people. It was strange and very pleasant to wake up to coffee already going... and I have to admit that I’ve been WAY spoiled by him cooking supper almost every night.

Next week will bring a first for us. The first time we will be kidless in our 15 year marriage. Well... we were kidless for the first 18 months, but I can’t even remember that time. Both of our girls are going away to summer camp next week. Get this... they are going to different camps, but we managed to luck out and have them be the exact same week! At 1:00 Sunday we are free to fly the coop. What should we do?

Do you have any suggestions?


  • At 3:33 PM , Blogger Diana said...

    Dan and I are now childless with both kids off to college. My suggestion, do anything, but just don't discuss the kids!!!


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