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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Summer Sinuses

Last week at work, I was innocently eating my lunch in the teacher's lounge when one of the teacher's sneezed. No big deal. Sneezing is human, right? After all, I could sympathize, it's allergy season. Another teacher commented to him, "Oh, allergies, huh?"
"No," he replied. "I have this terrible cold."
I shuddered. I felt my throat starting to itch.
Then another teacher talked about how she had this cold too, and suddenly everyone in the room mentioned a person at school who had been suffering with this. Where had I been? I had never noticed everyone snuffling. I knew I was doomed.

You see, I have been cursed, since birth, with the worst immune system known to man. I inherited it from my father. As much as I love being like him, this is one thing that I could have done without. Mention the work "sick" and I catch it. It's that simple. No amount of echinachia will help.

Sure enough. I woke up the next morning with a sore throat, stuffy head and runny nose. The start of a sinus infection. IN JUNE! This is ridiculous. Sinus infection season officially ends in April, and here I am, clearing my throat, setting up lunch bags in the living room for my used tissues, and taking my temperature every 30 seconds.

On the plus side, because I'm always sick I know how to do the things I want to even when I'm suffering. If I took off every time I was feeling poorly, I would never leave my house. So, I load up on meds, drink a thousand more cups of coffee than normal, be sure to eat bready things to soak up the yuck in my stomach, and off I go. Yesterday, I went to two soccer games and an afternoon fishing in a stocked pond.

It's free fishing weekend in Wisconsin, and even though we already have our licenses, we went to the pond for a chance for the kids to catch some trout at a local Outdoor Activity Day. It's hard to cast without hooking onto another line, there are so many people fishing.

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The trout were HUGE! My oldest daughter caught the first 12 inch rainbow trout, and then her friend caught the next three. All the same size.
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They have tents set up and will clean and deep fry the fish for you right there.

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We caught our fish too late, so I cleaned them at home. My youngest daughter and her friend played and walked around (they weren't interested in the fishing). The trout bit off of wax worms and corn. Both daugthers brought friends, and everyone had a blast. We plan to go back today, so I'm loading up on the coffee and eating after sleeping in a little. The last week of school, and I'm going to have to push myself to get there everyday! YUCK.

On the knitting front, I have started a new project for DH. He loved his felted cap so much, but can't wear it in summer. Interweave Knits Spring 2005 had a cute pattern for a cotton cap called, Heads-Up Hats. I have left-over cotton from baby caps, so I'm using that up.


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