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Friday, May 06, 2005

Maryland?? Almost!

I've used up three boxes of Kleenexes. Crying.

I could have gone. We were supposed to be in D.C. anyway - and it just happened to be the weekend of the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. I was shocked when I found out that we would be in the area that weekend. Then we changed our minds.

Crying. Big time.

Why were we supposed to go there? you ask?

Well, in the continuing saga of my husband's job hunt, I got a phone call from Prince William County Schools in Manassas, Virginia. I had blown them off because after seeing the cost of living and house prices, we really didn't think that we wanted to live there. Plus - there was that terrible experience last year when we tried to tell our parents that we were moving to Cincinnati and they freaked out. I don't think we can go through that again. Yet another reason is that they wanted do a second interview with me (my first was over the phone), but there were no interviews set up for my husband (they have six openings in guidance). I was very honest with them and told them that we wouldn't consider moving unless both of us had a job.

So why didn't we go anyway? you ask?

No kidding. Why not? Especially since today is a no school day and I took a personal day yesterday to be free to travel to Virginia.

Turns out that this weekend is also the weekend of my daughter's 3 on 3 basketball tournament that is in my community. The one that I am on the planning committee for. The one that both DH and I have signed up to work for tonight and all day tomorrow. Bummer! If we had gone to Virginia, we would have had to go in one day and leave the next. Leave before MS&W even started. Moments before.

To make matters worse, or maybe better, depending upon how you look at it, I met someone who will be there this weekend. In Wisconsin. By chance. What's up with that?

Black Sheep Spinners Guild had their monthly meeting on Tuesday, and with my head pounding full of a sinus infection, I went. Carol had a friend there. She was weaving baskets. Cool! They are beautiful. Turns out she is from St. Charles, Illinois and has a business providing hand dyed, hand spun yarns, knitting kits, and baskets. Her name is Stephania Isaccson and she told me that she will be a vendor at MS&W. Check out her website! Her baskets are beautiful, and unique. One is called a lazy kate basket because there are bobbin holders on the handle to use as a lazy kate. Just fill up the bottom with yarn or tools and spin away. I wish her well, even though I am a bit jealous to have met someone at my tiny guild meeting who will be at MS&W.

So. Instead, I am spending the day with my DH. The girls attend a different school district and they have school today. MWAAAAAHAAAAHAAAA! We are off to Kinko's and Barnes & Noble. We will make up more application packets for him, have a nice lunch date, and then treat ourselves to some quiet reading and coffee time at Barnes & Noble.

Maybe I can stop crying long enough to look at some knitting books.


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