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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Dyed and Gone to Heaven

Well, not really, but I couldn’t resist this as a title. The truth is that I learned a lot about myself last night at the Spinning Guild Meeting.

10 Things That I Reaffirmed about Myself

10. I cannot rush a meal.
Even when my DH orders take out and tries to bring it home to fit into the 15 minute gap that I have created to eat that meal. After waiting an hour for the broasted chicken meal, I ate quickly, chomped down two Tums and buzzed off to the guild meeting. Late.

9. The harder I try to plan for everything, the worse off I end up.
Yesterday I needed to work all day at my school (I needed to get to school early in order to run through my talent show act once more – I acted and did the sign language interpretation to the song “Leader of the Pack” with a group of teachers. It was a riot!), and while working, I need to try and prepare for my summer school substitute. I had everything printed and ready to go for a sub (my regular teaching ends this Friday, but my summer school teaching in another district starts today. They have gotten a sub for me for the first three days). I left my school as soon as the final bell sounded and rushed off to summer school, unpacked, and realized that my sub plans on the laptop could not be printed in the summer school. It is a different district. There I sat, after spending over an hour setting up the room needing to waste an hour copying my plans from the laptop onto the summer school desktop computer so that they could be printed off for the sub. Idiot!

8. I sweat worse in air conditioning.
This I learned as a result of trying to copy notes from one computer to another while meeting the crunched supper deadline and making it to the guild meeting.

7. I am not as organized as I think I am.
After calling Carol from the guild and telling her that I couldn’t make it, she convinced me to come anyway. I showed up with two of the four assignments completed. Well one and a half really. We were supposed to bring our spun skein – ready to dye (mine was too huge), wear old clothes, bring cling wrap and gloves, and tools for dying.

I showed up super late (everyone was starting to steam their skeins) with my huge skein, old clothes, and that was it. I forgot everything else.

6. Cuteness doesn’t get me very far.
Seriously, how cute can a 35 year old, large, sweaty woman be when she needs everyone to get close enough to help her? One of the guild members did not seem pleased. She helped me redo my hulky skein into three smaller skeins, but was not pleased that I was so unprepared.

I started spinning in February and joined the guild two months ago. I’m a rookie, I’m just learning. Being so unprepared at every turn last night did no reaffirm my ability to make it through an average day.

5. I learn best alone.
Actually I already knew this, but yesterday clinched this for me. I need the freedom of playing at home without being rushed or having people look strangely at me for my color selections. I was rushed; I grabbed whatever was available and squirted it on my skein. I squirted too much on the first one and caught the glare of the leader for yet another time.

4. I don’t “get” color.
My odd looking scarlet and royal blue combination looked just as odd when I pulled it out of the cinnamon bun. Forest green and purple? Other people seem to pull it off beautifully, but mine looks like baby poo disguised as something pretty.

3. I don’t like to stand.
There was really no place to sit in the dying room. I went outside to sit down and cool off after my skeins were painted, but I was interrupted by the leader telling me that my skein had been steaming for way too long. I didn’t even know that she had put it in the steamer. She then informed me that it was not her job to watch the clock for me. I’m thinking that it would have been pretty helpful for me to watch the clock if I had known that I was supposed to. These instructions were obviously given to those people who showed up on time. My second skein was still sitting on the table. That one never made it into the steamer. I put it in the microwave when I got home. Did I mention that she really didn’t seem pleased with me last night?

2. Skein painting is best left for a weekend.
Seriously, who thought it would be a good idea to start dying at 6:30 at night with eight people trying to get a bunch of skeins painted, finish cleaning up by 9:00 pm and end up with something that looks decent? I don’t think it is humanly possible.

1. There are only 24 hours in a day.
No matter how hard I try to make more time, that limit is CONSTANT. I need to realize that at least 7 hours MUST be spent sleeping, and the remaining 17 hours cannot be morphed into extra time. I cannot complete 20 hours of “stuff” in 17 hours. I need to “get over” this idea already and slow down.

Maybe tomorrow, I have too much to do today.


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