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Friday, August 13, 2004


Is it really August? All of the windows are closed, not to keep the cool air in, but to keep the cool air outside. The kids have covered up their tans with sweatshirts and last night the winter coat came out for watching a meteor shower – turned out the clouds made it difficult to see anything. Perfect weather for knitting inside, which is exactly what I did until 2:30 am last night. Who new that Turner Classic Movie channel showed classics? Hmmm, I guess that should have been obvious. I think that I am in love

..... who new Laurence Olivier was such a hottie? I only remember him as this bald old man in The Jazz Singer. But last night he wooed two different women in Wuthering Heights and Rebecca. My knees went weak, thank god I was sitting down!
I am on swatch 14 of TKGA Masters II. I have also finished one book review on Knitting Lessons. I can see this project progressing after a rocky road (err, river) last week. I ended up knitting beautiful lace on the river (sorry Elizabeth, no photo.... since the digital camera died we haven’t been able to buy a new one). I showed it to the family as we sat on the sand bar near our tent watching traffic go by on the bridge. The family, knowing I wouldn’t let up until I felt their genuine praise, mumbled "Uh-huh, nice" while forcing a smile on their face and barely glancing at my lace creation. I finished a gorgeous lace swatch on the river after quite a bit of frogging, then admired it and started another swatch. When the second swatch was almost done, I realized that I messed up the first one. I was supposed to do three repeats and I only did two. Shit! I think the beautiful river scenery confused me.
Well, finally all of the lace swatches are done and I’m working on yummy cable swatches. What a great time...PGA Championships are in my DH and my home-town (which is only a 20 minutes drive), the Olympics start tonight, and TCM will have more great movie marathons. I’ll let you know how flat my butt gets from all of that sitting and knitting. Maybe I could set my own athletic record for consecutive hours sitting in front of TV while knitting. Better go practice!


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