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Wednesday, July 06, 2005


No matter how much I love to travel, or love to camp, it is always nice to come home.
We returned late last night from another family adventure. This was our third camping trip of the season (we went to Arkansas in March, and camped in a local state park for DH’s birthday in April). For the third year in a row we headed to a national forest campground late on the holiday weekend without a reservation. This campground (Boot Lake in the Nicolet National Forest) actually doesn’t accept reservations, but on a holiday weekend it is normally full. When we pulled in, it was obvious that we might not luck out. There was standing room only on the beach, and cars and trucks with empty boat trailers lined the entrance road to the park. The parking lot was full. We drove around the campground, and every site was taken, but wait. On one site a man was shaking off the canvas above one bed of his pop-up camper. This is an international sign for, “I’m packing up to leave.” We stopped and asked him if his site would be free later that day, and he said that it would! And, it was a LAKEFRONT SITE (site number 9)! OH HAPPY DAY!
We had the best weather in a year of camping. In the past 9 out of 10 trips we either packed up in the rain, or packed up our pop-up wet and had to set it up again at home to dry out. This was a real treat!
This was a serious knitting retreat for me! I carefully packed one project to finish, one to start, and one “just in case.” I finished the second anklet in 24 hours in order to start a new project. A winter cap with ear flaps for my daughter. My typical camping day looked something like this. Wake up, knit, make coffee and breakfast, knit, take a walk, knit, go to the beach, knit, paddle in the canoe, knit, read, knit, and knit around the campfire until the sunlight faded away. Heaven! Oh, and the book I read wasn’t a kid’s book, it MUST be summer!
We would have loved to stay a little longer, but we had to come home. My youngest daughter goes to Girl Scout Camp today, returns on Saturday, and we are thinking about driving to Florida to watch the space shuttle launch. With the camper, of course. For this trip, I will have to make reservations. It’s an awfully long drive home if you can’t find a campsite! Another knitting retreat!


  • At 10:20 AM , Blogger SCarrGo said...

    My days camping are like yours, only more knitting and less stuff that looks like exercise or intellectual stimulation..."Wake up, knit, make coffee and breakfast, knit, go to the beach, knit, and knit around the campfire until the sunlight faded away"

    Notice deletion of "walking" and "reading" and "paddling canoe"...


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