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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Evil Mamma

How cruel is it to wake up and be excited because your daughter is running a temp of 102 and you can stay home? Pretty cruel. I know. Sorry, I got a 65% on the bitchy test, and this is just an example of my total evilness.

As usual, I was slow to wake up this morning. I layed in bed hoping that if I refused to acknowledge the morning, maybe it would go away. Maybe, if I slept long enough, I could reverse time and it would still be the middle of the night. I need to get over this idea that I can manipulate time. It never works.

I finally dragged my butt out of bed and, feeling guilty about my excitement over a sick child, made a nice breakfast, drove the healthy child to school, came home and disinfected the house. The sweetest thing? Being told by my 12 year-old patient that she wanted me home with her instead of being left home alone. She's at that age, you know. Parents aren't always cool and only babies have mom stay home with them when they have the sniffles. She, on the other hand, is grossly ill. Fever of 102, sore throat, raspy cough, and sneezing. I don't remember ever hearing her sneeze before. They are kind of cute sneezes, except for the time she sneezed into the refrigerator without covering her mouth and then locked in all of the germs to be preserved in refrigeration (now that our refrigerator is working again). Total house disinfection is required after this.

Being February, it seemed like a good time to finally put away the Christmas decorations that were still sitting out. Uh-huh. Really, they were all over the place. The Christmas cards were still hanging from the ribbons. The miniature trees and Santas had pretty much been put away, but I had kept out the generic "winter" decorations. Snow men, snow women, snow people, and a Santa and a reindeer that had hidden themselves behind a snowman to avoid being put away a month ago.

Then I vacuumed. Seriously vacuumed. Those dust bunnies along the edge where the carpeting meets the baseboard? Gone. The dust bunnies on my valences. Also gone. The basement dust bunnies. Sucked up. Gone. Finito! Next, I dusted, and cleaned the bird cage. It's amazing how much birds poop. One little parakeet can make quite a mess. I suppose that regular cleaning would prevent this, but animals in our house have learned to wait patiently for clean cages. I even washed her "little friend" - the mirror. She can actually see her "little friend" again. Happy chirpy sounds have come from her cage all morning.

After administering more Motrin, feeding the patient some soup, and washing up the dishes, I proclaimed it nap time. This would have been perfect knitting time, but instead I started my favorite annual hobby - taxes. I could have used this time to spin more, but I have been a spinning fiend... all of my roving is gone. I'm hoping to run down the road to my local woolen mill and purchase some more this afternoon. Tomorrow will be another sick day I'm sure.. she doesn't seem much better, but DH will take his turn tomorrow. I don't think he will clean, though.


  • At 5:40 PM , Blogger C said...

    Evil mamma - maybe to the poor dust bunnies. Sounds like you were a cleaning maniac. Hope your DD feels better soon.


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