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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Super Sock Swap Sister!

I received my socks from my sock swap sister a few days ago (THANKS AGAIN ANNE!). They are awesome. My feet are cozy and cuddled every evening and my toes say "ahhhh" as I put them on. They are anklets, and I actually like anklets better than socks, which is why I became so nervous about sending what I had made, a pair of almost knee-high socks with a funky color pattern. The socks I made should arrive on Friday - hopefully Anne will like them.

I'm going to take a photo, hopefully tomorrow at school, of the anklets on my happy toes. Anne also sent the leftover yarn which was a great gift, cuz now I can make even more... and add from my stash if I need to for the heels and toes. Anne must have been a reader here at least one day when I talked about dark chocolate because there were some mini-dark chocolate bars in the box, too. I savored each one and saved the last one to go with a great cup of coffee. After I poured the cup and turned on the TV, I went for the last one. I fumbled around in the box, lifted the tissue paper and stuck my nose inside looking for that candy bar. I then tipped the box over and shook really hard to get that rascal free. DH watched with eyes like a puppy. "I ate it," he finally said.

He is lucky to still be alive, and I have moved his name to the bottom of the "I'm going to knit this for you" list. I should never save candy in my house.

Live & Learn!


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