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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Start with knitting.. well actually crochet.

Oma's basket

Just to prove that I have been doing something lately.
I inherited this basket and the unused yarn from my mother-in-law and I thought that since she is no longer here to make her annual Christmas presents for all of the women in the family, I would take her yarn and make them myself. No one else in the family knows how to crochet. Plus, this is a good time for repeating double crochet stitches at nauseum. That's because our family continues to suffer from more bad things. My DH was diagnosed with testicular cancer on 11/24 and yesterday we found out that the treament will mean several rounds of chemo and possibly one very nasty surgery. He is in pain from his surgery to remove the tumor, and we couldn't go to visit my father-in-law for his first holiday alone. We felt just terrible, but John was not up for the 7 hour round trip car ride. Tomorrow are more doctor appointments, but today we tried to have a normal Thanksgiving.

Anna was my right hand woman. She cooked every dish for the meal with me. Stuffing, turkey, potatoes, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, and the gravy. Alicia made the pumpkin pie. And. It snowed. Right on cue and big fluffy flakes, see?

Thanksgiving day snow

Here is Anna in action... 13 years old and she can cook with the best of 'em.
Anna making green bean casserole

I carved the bird.

Carve that bird

And we all ate.

The happy family

You can see that John is hurting, but he is in good spirits. Tomorrow Alicia turns 16. Oh. my.


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