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Friday, August 19, 2005

Last Day of Summer

Well, this is it. The last work day where I can sleep in and not freak out that I will be late for work. The last day where my biggest concern centers around when I will get dressed. My last morning of drinking coffee on the couch for 2 hours while watching news and the weather channel. Summer is over. Crap!

Surprisingly, I’m ready to get back to school. My children are driving me crazy. My husband and I cannot say three words to each other without one of them asking us what we just said. “We weren’t talking to you,” only makes them get angry and ask us to repeat ourselves again. “None of your business,” also irritates them. Now, we just ignore them. That doesn’t work, either.

Yesterday, after 8 hours of back-to-school shopping in Appleton, the girls still had the nerve to whine, complain and fight with one another after we spent hundreds of dollars for the “correct” brand name items so that they can be seen in public and actually attend school. After shopping, we stopped at Goodwill to look for desks and furniture that we could spruce up for our future coffee shop room. While we were there the tornado sirens went off and we were shuffled into an interior room to wait out the storm. You could hear the rain through the roof and we knew that things weren’t good, but we never dreamed of the damage that happened in another part of the state last night, Stoughton, WI. The drive home was painstakingly slow. Downpours and wind gusts made the trip a lot longer than normal. We were all happy to be home, and the storms gave the girls something different to focus on than each other, and there was no more fighting.

DH still does not have a full-time job lined up and school starts here Sept. 1rst, so we are not hopeful. He has had three or four interviews this summer, one of them in Minocqua, WI.. which looks like this

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

A real Up North Wisconsin community. I would be jealous if he were able to live there during the week. We went with him for the interview, and it was beautiful. He hasn’t heard if he will get the job or not, but after more than 110 applications and 12 interviews, he isn’t optimistic.

Today will be one of the last days for me to knit. All day. I’m almost done with the Harry Potter scarf, and my wrists can prove it. They are so sore that I can’t knit for more than 10 minutes at a time without a break. I’m hoping to finish the scarf on Sunday or Monday. I'll have to be a knitting trouper and work through the pain. They should offer Olympic medals for this kind of dedication!


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