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Thursday, December 07, 2006

It's a Small World.....

What, pray tell, could bring me back to blogging after such a hiatus? Well, a moment on Tuesday gave me something to talk about. Something good that filled my heart with those warm, hot chocolate with mini marshmallows kind of feeling. The kind of good that comes from cupping your hands round a hot cuppa tea on a chilly day.

Each month I go to spinning guild. I am the “newbie” of the bunch as I have only been spinning for two years. There are three new ladies who have joined us, taking the newbie pressure off of me, thank goodness! Our meetings are all pretty much the same. Set up and spin for awhile, someone brings us back to the “topic of the day” and we do any guild business which is usually passing around flyers, magazines, and mail that the guild has gotten over the last month, a show and tell time, and then we spin until we feel like going home. It’s pretty low key.

Our guild is pretty funny… I’m convinced that I shouldn’t be a member because there must be some unwritten rule about having a certain first name to be in the thing. There is Mary, MaryAnn, Marilyn, Ann, Annie, and then us losers who were named Kristyn, Carol, Nancy, Pat, Margarite and Amy (at least these last two could follow the initial letter rule that Carol, Pat, Nancy and I just completely ignored). Even the new people have followed the rules. There is a Mary Ellen!

On Tuesday, we shivered in the woolen mill where we meet each month and watched part II of our DVD learning session on novelty yarns. I became quite proficient at the knotted yarn technique. I sat between Mary and Nancy. Nancy’s knotted yarn was much thicker than mine and really showed the knots off better, but mine was pretty delicate looking.

Near the end of the night, Pat shared this awesome gooey pumpkin bar with crystallized ginger sauce. I’m still licking the sauce off of my fingers. It was super! The perfect thing for such a chilly night. Then it was time to pack up. Pat came over to me and mentioned a project that I had made a year ago for the first child of my cousin in Germany. She complimented me on it and said that her friend also knew about the sweater set and had seen it.

“Really?,” I asked.
“Yes. You know her. Her name is Vicki and she said that she has seen the sweater and she thought it was really nice, too,” Pat replied. My mind began spinning (no pun intended) while I’m picturing everyone I knew who had seen it. Vicki? Vicki? I couldn’t think of a Vicki.

Pat must have noticed the confusion on my face, so she helped me out by telling me Vicki’s last name. “Vicki M.,” she said, “Vicki had seen a picture of it online or something.”Immediately I got it. Pat is from Brillion, which is close to Appleton, which is where knitorious lives. Well actually, knitorious lives in Kaukuana, but that is a stone’s throw from Appleton. VICKI! “Oh! You mean Vicki Knitorious!” I cried excitedly.

“Vicki who? No. Vicki M.” was her reply. Isn’t it strange? A blog name, to me, means as much as a surname. Vicki M. didn’t make any sense to me, but say Vicki Knitorious and I was jumping for joy while Pat was confused. The name knitorious made no sense to her. “You know her?” I asked.
“Yeah, of course. I work with her husband and I know her really well.”
Small world. Vicki Knitorious and I have never met in person (although we NEED to!). But I have always known that I like her a lot, and now it is certain. Pat is so nice, and because I like Pat as much as I do and she likes Vicki, well then it’s a done deal!


  • At 11:59 AM , Blogger vknitorious said...

    Knock-knock... is this working!? I tried to leave a comment last night but it didn't work...

    ISN'T THAT CRAZY??? I saw Pat on Friday night and she told me that she'd seen you at the guild meeting! So, so cool. We've just got to get together one of these days...

    Doesn't Pat make the most awesome stuff to eat? She made this amazing pumpkin/squash lasagna last year that I'm going to make at Christmas (I won't come close, but I'll try). On Friday, she had the simplest hors d'oeuvres -- boiled, sliced potatoes topped with a dollop of sour cream and a sprinkle of caviar (creativity could run wild in the sprinkle department) and they sound so plain, but I couldn't stop eating them!!!


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